Logging in to eLumen (live site):​​​

1. Go to LATTC’s eLumen webpage: https://lattc.elumenapp.com  (T​his is the live site where you enter your final assessment scores)
2. You will be automatially redirected to the District's single sign on page. Enter your District credentials to login.

eLumen ​How-To Videos on LATTC Assessment YouTube Channel: LATTC Assessment YouTube page

Webinars from eLumen: http://elumenconnect.com/​​​​

LATTC eLumen test (practice) site: https://lattctest.elumenapp.com/elumen/ 

  •  ​​​(This is the eLumen practice site. Nothing done in the practice site is recorded in the live site. Use the same username and password for the live site to log into the test site.​)​​
Reporting-SLO-Results-to-eLumen-from-Canvas.pdfReporting SLO Results to eLumen through Canvas Assignments
Coordinator-Assessment-Checklist.pdfeLumen Coordinator Assessment Checklist
elumen-Coordinator-Training-Guide-v2.pdfeLumen Coordinator Training Guide version 2
eLumen-Glossary-of-terms-icons.pdfeLumen Glossary
Logging-into-eLumen-toolkit-updated.pdfLogging into eLumen and eLumen Toolkit
Faculty-Landing-Page-Overview.pdfFaculty Landing Page Overview
Enter-Scores-Reflections.pdfEnter Scores and Faculty Reflections
Importing-Scores-Excel.pdfImporting Scores from Excel into eLumen
Faculty Results-Explorer-View-Reports.pdfFaculty Results Explorer Tab View Reports


Assessment is a method to systematically evaluate the impact of learning and/or services and to determine whether desired outcomes are being achieved. The data collected are used to inform planning to improve courses, programs, services for student success. This page contains information and resources on assessment topics.​

​​LATTC Assessment Guidlines 
​​​Learning Outcomes 

This instructional learning outcomes evaluation criteria checklist was approved by the Program Review Assessment Committee on December 7, 2016 for evaluating the quality of instructional learning outcome statements.​

These appendices were developed by the Program Review Assessment Committee to provide guidance on how to write effective and measurable instructional learning outcomes based on the learning outcomes quality evaluation criteria the committee approved on December 7, 2017.

Service Area Outcomes​​
Curriculum Mapping​​

Online ​Rubric Generators

Data Analysis and Dialogue


ePortfolios for Assessment
SLO Basics Video Tutorials – Long Beach State University
  1. What are Student Learning Outcomes?
  2. Writing Student Learning Outcomes
  3. Levels of Student Learning
  4. Mapping SLOs to the Curriculum
  5. Choosing Assessment Measures
  6. Matching Assessment to Teaching and Learning
  7. Collecting Assessment Evidence
  8. Analyzing Evidence of Student Learning
  9. Using Evidence of Learning for Program Improvement
  10. Why Assess Student Learning?