​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Program Review

​Deadline to submit Anual Program Review in the portal: Friday, December 4​th, 2020 - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2020

Portal Information​

  • Program Review Portal: ​https://planning.lattc.edu/​​
  • Username: LATTC network username (ex. SMITHH@lattc.edu the username is SMITHH)
  • Password: LATTC WiFi password​ (not your passwords for PeopleSoft, SAP, LATTC local network)
To update/retrieve your LATTC password, email LATTC Tech Support at lattc-techsupport@laccd.edu 


November 13, 2020 Program Review Training Recording: 


Instructional Annual Review

       Curriculum Mapping in eLumen: program curriculum maps must be first updated in eLumen for there to be Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) 
       assessment data for answering the PLO assessment questions. The below videos and guide cover how to complete, edit and update curriculum 
       mapping in eLumen
       Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessment: once your curriculum map is up to date, please review your PLO Assessment data from the 
       Outcome Performance Report for the program of study. To do this, run the Outcome Performance Report in eLumen for the program(s) of study. 
       The below video and guide cover how to run the Outcome Performance Report.
       Data Dashboards: provides data on program completions, course success and the ​labor market​. These are to be used for the completion of 
       the portal questions in the Instructional Annual Review and CTE Supplement​. The below videos and guides explain how to read the dashboards
       Instructional Annual Review: explains how to read the program and course data dashboards and how to address 
       the Instructional Annual Review questions
       CTE Supplement: explains how to read the labor market CTE data dashboards and how to address the CTE questions

Instructional Program Review YouTube Playlist:

Program Review Playlist​​​