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Campus Representative: Ashraf Hosseini Ext. 7157

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Company Code: laccd
TTY/TDD callers, please dial 1-800-327-0801

Your Employee Assistance Program - or EAP - is here to help you with emotional, family and other personal problems; offer guidance on financial and legal issues; support healthy choices; and much more. There is no charge to you for covered services.

Your EAP Services

This is just a summary. For details about services and eligibility, please contact MHN or your college EAP coordinator / See My Benefits on our MHN website and enter laccd for the company code for a list of your rights and responsibilities as a member.

Getting Help

MHN professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your work & life services. A customer service representative will ask a few questions and connect you with the right EAP solution for you.

Problem-solving support:

  • Marriage, family and relationship issues
  • Problems in the workplace
  • Stress, anxiety, change in mood, and sadness
  • Grief, loss or responses to traumatic events
  • Concerns about the use of alcohol or drugs

Work and life services

  • Childcare and eldercare assistance
  • Financial Services
  • Legal services (30-Minute Consultation on one issue with an Attorney per year)
  • Identity theft recovery services
  • Daily living services

Health & wellness tools

  • Health risk assessment
  • Self-help programs for stress, weight management, fitness, and smoking cessation
  • Articles and videos about many health and wellness topics
  • Information on wellness coaching

Who is Eligible to Use MHN services?

You, as a benefited employee, or any person living in your household may use MHN work & life services.

What Does the Benefit Include?

Six counseling sessions per issue per year. Legal and financial referrals.

  • MHN EAP and work/life services are free of charge.
  • For More Information MHN EAP benefits, Call 1-800-327-0449 or contact your Campus Representative: Ashraf Hosseini Ext. 7157