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8/27/2018Weekly Message 8-27-2018Weekly Message 8-27-2018.docxWeekly Message 8-27-2018
THIS WEEK: Go Week-Fall 2018, ASO Welcome Week-Fall 2018, Reentry Pathway Orientation, THIS PAST WEEK: Faculty Convocation, Profession Training Friday, HIRE LAX, Labor Day, New Format to Weekly Blast and Sign-off
8/20/2018Weekly Message 8-20-2018Weekly Message 8-20-2018.docxWeekly Message 8-20-2018
THIS WEEK: Ready Week-2018, Faculty Convocation Thursday, ALAS, UMOJA, LAST WEEK: ARC & SLATE-Z Graduations, Food Truck Expo, NEXT WEEK: Changes Coming to my Weekly Blast
8/13/2018Weekly Message 8-13-2018Weekly Message 8-13-2018.docxWeekly Message 8-13-2018
FW: Thank you to VP Tomlinson & Welcome to New Interim VP Trimble, Outreach, St. John’s, Two Graduations, Food Truck Expo; Student Successes: Guardian Scholar, Academy Gold, Note: Faculty Convocation in 10 Days
8/6/2018Weekly Message 8-6-2018Weekly Message 8-6-2018.docxWeekly Message 8-6-2018
Channel 7 Coverage, Classified Convocation, Foster Youth Celebration, Services Retreat, DRC & CARECEN Team Up, WIN-LA Soft Launch, Metro’s T-Cap Graduation, Partnership Award, VISTA Opportunity
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7/30/2018Weekly Message 7-30-2018Weekly Message 7-30-2018.docxWeekly Message 7-30-2018
Classified Convocation (Offices closed 8am-2pm), Foster Youth Celebration, Friends Outside, LA, Immigration Clinic Friday; LAST TWO WEEKS: Day of Social Action, Amazon’s Part-time Job Fair, Metro’s Next Gen, “I Got the job” Marketing Campaign
7/23/2018Weekly Message 7-23-2018Weekly Message 7-23-2018.docxWeekly Message 7-23-2018
7/16/2018Weekly Message 7-16-2018Weekly Message 7-16-2018.docxWeekly Message 7-16-2018
Day of Social Action, L.A. College Promise, $37 million for Reentry, Rev. Jesse Jackson on Campus, Four Employees Recognized, Student Successes, Getting Ready for the Fall
7/9/2018Weekly Message 7-9-2018Weekly Message 7-9-2018.docxWeekly Message 7-9-2018
Hire LAX, Part-time Job Fair, New State Funds for Re-Entry Students, National Commission of Voter Justice, PAST WEEK: DRC Barbecue, Marketing Campaign
7/2/2018Weekly Message 7-2-2018Weekly Message 7-2-2018.docxWeekly Message 7-2-2018
LeBron, Immigrant Rights March, BBQ Fundraiser for DRCs, Skills USA Nationals, AG Becerra Press Event, SLATE-Z, ASO Town Hall, College Council Retreat, CD Tech and Public Allies, ASO Board and ICC Moves On
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6/25/2018Weekly Message 6-25-2018Weekly Message 6-25-2018.docxWeekly Message 6-25-2018
DRC District BBQ 7/7, WEEK AHEAD: CC Retreat, Public Allies, PAST WEEK: German President Visit, CRCD Graduation, Women Build LA/OC, STUDENT SUCCESSES: Academy Gold, CRC Internships
6/18/2018Weekly Message 6-18-2018Weekly Message 6-18-2018.docxWeekly Message 6-18-2018
New Funding Formula, WORK AHEAD: President of Germany, Project Impact, Women in the Trades, PAST WEEK: ARC and SLATE-Z Cohorts Start-Up, Metro Hiring, Day for Children, Doc Guthrie Event
6/11/2018Weekly Message 6-11-2018Weekly Message 6-11-2018.docxWeekly Message 6-11-2018
Graduation 2018, First Day of Summer, New Webpages, ALAS and STEAM Orientation, Project Impact, WEC, Holman CDC, Construction Awards, CoCo Convention, Appointment of New Trustee
6/4/2018Weekly Message 6-4-201820180604.LarryBlastDraft3.docx20180604.LarryBlastDraft3
Graduation, Enrollment, WEC, CoCo Saturday; PAST WEEK: Apparel News, Club Couture, RISE, CD9 Latina Conference, Industry Generator, Guardian Scholars, Final Message
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5/29/2018Weekly Message 5-29-2018Weekly Message 5-29-2018.docxWeekly Message 5-29-2018
ICC Giveaway, Cosmo, Club Couture, RISE Fundraiser, CD9 Latina Conf, PAST: Foster Relaunch, ASO Townhall, College Council, LAVITA, Retirement Luncheon, Vets Grad, Black Graduation, ICC Banquet, Pinning, Transfers, Tools for the Trades, Gold Thimble
5/21/2018Weekly Message 5-21-2018Weekly Message 5-21-2018.docxWeekly Message 5-21-2018
5/14/2018Weekly Message 5-14-2018Weekly Message 5-14-2018.docxWeekly Message 5-14-2018
Food Pantry, Guardian Scholars Relaunch, Governor’s  Forum, Betty Yee/APRI, Trained for Success, Mardi Gras Mixer, BBQ Fundraiser DRC’s. RISE. PAST WEEK: Trikeathon, Service yEARS, Enrollment Fair, Scholarships, Banquet, Tools, Shark Tank
5/7/2018Weekly Message 5-7-18Weekly Message 5-7-18.pdfWeekly Message 5-7-18
FW: VP Ann Tomlinson is Acting President this Week, Trike-a-thon, WEC Today, Employee Recog. Luncheon, Enrollment Fair, Scholarship Awards, Shark Tank, EOPS Luncheon, Beyond the Bell, B-ball Celeb, Deans Awards, Small Bus. Summit, Chancellor's Visit
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4/23/2018Weekly Message 4-23-18Weekly Message 4-23-18.docxWeekly Message 4-23-18
22 State Medals for Skills USA, LATTC Architecture Wins Big, Food Bank Tomorrow, Solar Fair, UCLA Event on Displacement, Construction Awareness Day, Job Fair Connects, DOD Takeover, DMA Day, Student Spotlight
4/9/2018Weekly Message 4-9-18Weekly Message 4-9-18.docxWeekly Message 4-9-18
Vineyards Symposium, Pres. Kamlager Wins Election, MLK50, Ring of Honor, Food Bank Restarts Tomorrow, Spring Transfer Fair, Joyce Livingston Dedication. “Lived Experience” Job Fair, College Acceptance for Middle Schooler
4/2/2018Weekly Message 4-2-18Weekly Message 4-2-18.docxWeekly Message 4-2-18
Strong Workforce Stars, ARC Second Chance Graduation, Mr. Peacock goes to Memphis, Sexual Assault Awareness Symposia, SEMP, Chavez event, Undocu-tales
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3/26/2018Weekly Message 3-26-18Weekly Message 3-26-18.docxWeekly Message 3-26-18
3/19/2018Weekly Message 3-19-18Weekly Message 3-19-18.docxWeekly Message 3-19-18
Dr. Wood and Dr. Harris Event  - Students/Staff/Faculty 1-2:30pm South Tent - JOIN US!
3/12/2018Weekly Message 3-12-18Weekly Message 3-12-18.docxWeekly Message 3-12-18
Monday Morning 3/12/18--Elite Eight, Rings for Champs, CCRC, World Plumbing Day, SIATech, ICC, Expungement Fair, TPS, Oscars, Lillian Johnson, Dr. Tarrant-Acting Pres.”
3/5/2018Weekly Message 3-5-18Weekly Message 3-5-18.docxWeekly Message 3-5-18
Homelessness, Women’s B-ball, Chipping in for Rings, WEC, UMOJA, Tech Job Fair, Immigration Fair, Club Rush, CDC & Motown, Rodriguez Settlement, Ads, Departure
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2/26/2018Weekly Message 2-16-18Monday Morning-5 05 2018 Board of Trustees Presentation.pdfMonday Morning-5 05 2018 Board of Trustees Presentation
Board of Trustees Presentation
2/26/2018Weekly Message 2-26-18Monday Morning Message 2-26-2018.pdfMonday Morning Message 2-26-2018
Monday Morning 2 26 2018 Retention, College Council Today, Club Rush, ASO Election Results, Scholarship Deadline, Women’s B
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1/29/2018Weekly Message 1-29-18Monday Morning Message– 1 29 18.pdfMonday Morning Message– 1 29 18
Monday Morning – 1 29 18 – Ready Week-Spring 2018, Phonebanks Need You, Enrollment Fair, Skills USA, Gubernatorial Forum, etc, Umoja Event this Sat., Student Profile
1/22/2018Weekly Message 1-22-18Monday Morning Message 1 22 2018.pdfMonday Morning Message 1 22 2018
Monday Morning 1 22 2018 College Council Today, Enrollment Fair this Thur and Friday, Umoja Orientation, Reentry Play, Classified Update, ATM Picks Up Award, Faculty in the News, Student Profile
1/16/2018Weekly Message 1-16-18Monday Morning Message 1 16 18.pdfMonday Morning Message 1 16 18
Monday Morning 1 16 18 – Re-Entry Play Today at 11, MLK Day, Classified Update on Thursday (PLEASE READ), Enrollment Fair and Phonebanks, ALAS, EAP, Student Profile
1/8/2018Weekly Message 1-8-18Monday Morning 01 08 18 –  Enrollment Fair, Media Campaign, NCMPR Award, ALAS, Theater Project, MLK Day.pdfMonday Morning 01 08 18 – Enrollment Fair, Media Campaign, NCMPR Award, ALAS, Theater Project, MLK Day
Monday Morning 01 08 18 – Winter Enrollment Fair and Phone Bank, Media Campaign, Exemplary Program Award, NCMPR Award, Cooke Scholarship Semi-finalist, ALAS, Jan 16th Theater Project, Acting VP Ann Tomlinson Starts Today, MLK Day Next Monday
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