California Department of Conservation​ – provides services and information that promote environmental health, economic vitality, informed land-use decisions and sound management of our state’s natural resources.

California Integrated Waste Management Board – The Board is one of six agencies under the umbrella of the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA). Its main responsibility is to manage California’s solid waste stream.

California Integrated Waste Management Board – Construction and Demolition recycling database.

Environmental Protection Agency – EPA leads the nation’s environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts.

Environmental Affairs Department – Local Enforcement Agency – LEA is mandated by the CIWMB to enforce state and local minimum standards for solid waste collection, transfer, processing, and disposal and to ensure the protection of public health and the environment.


California Resource Recovery Association – Leader of shared global recycling.

Cutting Paper – practical information on how to reduce the amount of office paper you use.

Earth 911 Make every day earth day!​ – Find local recyclers near you.​