Every year, the United States consumes over 90 million tons of paper. This paper use is an average of nearly 700 pounds per person — over ten times what it was at the turn of the century. ​



  • Send Information Electronically. Use e-mail for forms and faxes. Think carefully before printing electronic information. Organize and save it so it is easy to look up. This way you won’t need to make hard copy files of important information.
  • Reduce Unwanted Mail. Contact mail senders to take your company’s name off their mailing list or mark unwanted first class mail “Refused, Return to Sender.”
  • Print with smaller fonts.


  • Use side two before you are through – Whenever feasible make double sided copies.
  • Collect and reuse One-Sided Paper. Encourage employees to save and reuse paper printed on only one side at their desks. Collect paper that has been printed on one side for reuse in copiers and fax machines. Also, use the one-sided paper to make scratch pads. Making ¼-, ½-, or full-size scratch pads is simple and easy—just put single-sided paper face up and secure with a paper clip or binder clip at the top!
  • Collect and Reuse Envelopes and File Folders. Encourage reuse of large envelopes and file folders by providing centrally located trays for their collection. Your office can buy mailing labels with the your return address and logo to place over old addresses on envelopes to facilitate their reuse. Always encourage employees to first reuse items such as large envelopes and file folders at their desk.


  • Let blue recycling bins serve their purpose – When reducing and reusing is not possible, then recycle.
  • You may deposit the following into the bins: Letterhead, envelopes, carbonless paper, colored paper, magazines, file folders, newspapers. If you are uncertain about which items can be recycled, please call our office at ext. 3612.​