Did you know that when we recycle one metric ton of cardboard we save 3.5 cubic yards of landfill, save 17 thirty foot trees, save 7,000 gallons of water, save 380 gallons of oil, save 4100 kwh of energy and eliminate 60 pounds of air pollutants!


Trade Tech’s cardboard recycling program

LATTC recycles approximately 25 tons of cardboard a year (the equivalent of 50,000 lbs.). We accomplish this by placing three-yard bins for cardboard collection strategically located points, culinary arts, bookstore, near the catering truck and receiving areas.   

Nonetheless, facilities custodians collect from most buildings and place the cardboard in three cubic-yard dumpsters located near the facility. Cardboard is then transported onto the baler, baled and placed inside the recycling yard.


When recycling cardboard at Trade

  • Do not include food or food scraps when placing corrugated cardboard in a recycling bin.
  • Call the Physical Plant Department at ext. 3612 to pick up large quantities of cardboard.​