​Login and Select the Facility Request Option



 Note – If you have more than one position, you need to choose a position for the request

Step 1  – Select the type of request 


Step 2 – Enter the service request

A. Verify your identity (will be filled out) or click the “edit” to change


B. Enter the location for your request



    NOTE: The location you choose will carry over as the default location on the next request. You will need to change the location as needed.
  • C. Enter a title (“Short Text”) of the request


D. Describe the request in the details


E. Choose a target completion date


Optional – Add an attachment (image, diagram, other resource to describe the request)


Step 3 – Submit the request 



Additional Info

These resources are within ESS and require Login to view them

Videos for Employees

  • Work Request Introduction
  • Create a Facility Work Request