Brodie Purser
General Foreman
(213) 763-3621

HVAC Technicians:
Ramiro De Leon
Herman Kurtyan

Maintenance Assistant:(HVAC)
Emiliano Paniagua

Automotive Mechanic
Federico Cendejas

Adolphus Galindo

Jimmy Kochiyama

Maintenance Assistant (Plumbing):
Lawrence Stokes
Enrique Figueroa

Our services include: 

Machine Shop Equipment:  Repair and maintenance of all types of mechanical, automatic and hydraulic machinery and equipment such as pumps, compressors, food processing machines, machine tools, woodworking machines, etc.

Machinist – Designs, installs, repairs, rebuilds and modifies machines, tools, power and mechanical building devices. Inspects, tests, and analyzes the malfunction of all types of mechanical, automatic, hydraulic machinery and equipment such as: pumps, compressors, food-processing machines, woodworking machines, machine tools, ventilating systems, conveyors, and overhead doors.  As needed, perform sheet metal work and welding.

Automotive Mechanic: Repair of campus vehicles and mobile equipment.