Brodie Purser
General Foreman
(213) 763-3627

Dave Thomas
Phil Penner

Jerold King

Maintenance Assistant:
Kevin Chen

Our services include:

Carpenter – Construction, remodeling, maintenance, alteration, and repair projects related to building components and structures such as: floors, ceilings, roofs, concrete, stairways, moldings, furniture, doors, window frames, shelves, partitions, walls, exterior and interior trim.  As needed- event set-up, site signage and parking meters.

Locksmith – Design and maintain site master key systems which include computer tracking and records. Installation, adjust, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all types of locks, and other types of locking hardware such as: latches, door checks, panic bars, padlocks, tumbler locks, combination locks, and door closures. Performs alternate entry into all types of locks, control devices and hardware.  As needed- carpentry, fabrication, electronic locks and access control devices.