Service Requirements

All service request forms must be completed by an authorized employee. No services will be performed if the form does not have a regular/part time employee’s name on it. Student workers are not authorized to fill out or sign request forms.

Any material that is “copyrighted” MUST follow copyright guidelines and MUST be approved by the Supervisor prior to copying.

All copies requested must be limited to school business only. Any personal or personal business material will be returned. Any work requested for other institutions will be returned unless approved by the Staff Support Services Superior or the Vice President, Administration. If an individual is on campus for a meeting the Trade-Tech Department or person sponsoring the meeting will be responsible for securing copies for those in the meeting. If however, the meeting is not associated with a particular Trade-Tech Department or person, copies must be requested through the supervisor.

Photocopier Service

Self Service
1-60 copies of up to 7 originals may be made on copiers in our self service area.

Drop off
Copies request are made using a Pink Request form and may be submitted at any time for routine processing. The requestor should allow at least one full business day for completion. Requiring finishing services (i.e., collating, stapling, cutting, or drilling) may will require additional time.

Finishing Service
The following finishing (bindery) services are available in the Copy Center:

  • Collating
  • Stapling
  • Drilling
  • Lamination (Done fridays only)
  • Cutting

Copyright Law and Guidelines

A) An instructor may not:

  1. Make a copy of “consumable” Materials, Such as workbooks.
  2. Make multiple copies of a work for classroom use if the work has already been copied for another class in the same institution.
  3. Make multiple copies of a short poem, article, story, or essay from the same author more then once in a class term, or make multiple copies from the same collective work or periodical  issue more than (3) times in a term.

B) An Instructor may:

  • Make single copy for preparation for teaching a class of the following.
    • A chapter from a book.
    • An article from a periodical or newspaper.
    • A short story, short essay, short poem, whether or not from a collected work.
    • A chart, graph, diagram, drawings, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical, newspaper.
  • Make multiple copies for classroom use only, and not to exceed one per student in a class, of the following:
    • A complete poem, if it is less than 250 words use only, and not ot exceed one per student in a class, of the following
    • An excerpt from a longer poem, if it is less than 250 words.
    • A complete article, story, or essay, if it is less than 2,500 words.
    • An excerpt of a prose work, it is less than 1,000 words or 10 percent of the work, whichever is less.
    • One chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture per book or periodical.

Copying shall not substitute for the purchase of books, publisher’s reprints or periodicals. Copying shall not be repeated with respect to the same item by the same teacher from term to term.

NOTE: when use goes beyond “fair use,” permission must be granted by the copyright owner in writing. The letter granting permission to copy any material must be on file with the Staff Support Services Superior.


(View PDF version of Copy Center Guidelines)

For more information, visit the United States Copyright Office