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​​​​​​​​PACTS Framework

Pathways to Academic, Career, and Transfer Success (PACTS)

Beginning in 2010, the college launched the Trade Bridge Academy which is a very concentrated effort of practitioners at the college to: examine the pipeline of student progression to reaching their educational goal(s), identify gaps or gatekeepers that impeded student progress, and build bridges to address them.  Now the college has taken many of the lessons learned from the re-engineering efforts that were initiated as part of the Trade Bridge Academy and has developed a comprehensive and innovative student competency-based framework called the Pathways to Academic, Career, and Transfer Success (PACTS).  The framework enables the college to focus all instructional and student support programs and services in a concentrated, strategic, and tactical manner to identify and select targeted interventions to address critical areas or gaps and ultimately to increase student completion. The LATTC PACTS framework is included in the college’s new strategic master plan and will be implemented as part of the college’s new educational master plan.  And the LATTC ATD implementation plan is focusing on the development of very specific, math-related components of the PACTS framework.  More information on the PACTS framework is provided below.​​


  • Several reports have recently been released by the Community College Research Center (Community College Research Center, Teacher’s College Columbia University,  that support many of the parts/elements that are incorporated in the PACTS framework.  Click here for an overview of each of the reports, links to the source document, and which parts/elements of the PACTS framework they relate to.​​​​​​​​​​​​​