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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About PBC​​


This committee consolidates the existing Budgeting and Institutional Effectiveness committees. The scope of this committee includes coordinating all institutional planning processes including strategic and master planning; coordinating college budget activities; developing and managing a comprehensive, integrated, and continuous planning and budgeting process; and oversight of program review.​​

Because of the importance, complexity, and scope of budgeting, this committee also has a Budget Sub-Committee.  The Budget Sub-Committee has the responsibility for coordinating budget planning in a manner that assists the institution in effectively utilizing its fiscal resources in the pursuit of the college mission.  The committee establishes an annual planning and budgeting calendar; recommends institutional fiscal priorities within funding parameters; informs the college community of overall budget matters, including the identification of key indicators of the college’s fiscal health; evaluates the fiscal impact of

proposed institutional plans and other policy-level actions at the request of the President or College Council; identifies patterns of change in the college operating environment that may have a significant impact on college budget planning or fiscal operations; identifies potential areas for analysis of cost savings or effective use of resources; and assists in the development of plans for acquiring additional college resources.​​

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