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Conference Attendance Policy & Procedures

Conference Attendance

Note: All application & claim forms must be typed.

Handwritten forms will not be accepted by the PGC.

Note:  AFT PGC funding will not be approved for for travel associated with events that are focused on organizational business.  Such as: Academic Senate Plenary, CTF/CFT Convention etc.  (Events with activities such as; officer elections, voting on resolutions, and where other similar business is being conducted.)

  1. Conference request should be made at least three weeks in advance.  Late requests will not be approved without a written “Late Approval Form” signed by your chair or activity supervisor and the area administrator (See Forms Tab).
  2. Conference requests forms must have supporting/event information attached when submitted to the PGC for funding.
  3. If an employee attends a conference without approval, there will be no reimbursement of funds spent.
  4. All PGC forms can be found on the PGC web site (See the Forms Tab).
  5. Complete Conference Report forms upon return from conference.
  6. Include handouts and materials to be added to a resource library.
  7. All forms must be typed.  Requester needs to ensure that adequate funds have been requested to cover all necessary expenses.  Additional funds will not be encumbered after forms have been turned in.
  8. Substitutes may be approved, with your Dean’s approval, if a faculty member’s conference attendance requires 2 or more days.
  9. Reimbursement for conference/workshop cost is limited to $1500 for Full-Time Faculty and $750 for Adjunct Faculty (per event) with an annual amount per fiscal year of $1500 for Full-Time Faculty and $750 for Adjunct Faculty.  Approval is additionally limited to no more than 3 individuals at any single event.
  10. Registration fees can be paid in advance with sufficient notice and documentation. At the top of your request form, please type or print (and highlight):  “Please pay registration in advance.”  Please complete and attach the event registration & Travel-Advance-Request-Forms to your conference request form.
  11. The Appropriate Department Chair must sign (not initial) the conference request form and provide a recommendation for a paid substitute if a faculty member will be out of the classroom for at least two days. The activity supervisor shall forward the form to the appropriate Dean or Administrator for signature.
  12. The appropriate Dean or Administrator shall obtain a TT Travel number (obtained from the Presidents Office) then sign and forward the forms to the PGC.  (Mailbox in mailroom) for processing.
  13. The PGC members will review, sign (if funds are approved), and forward the forms to the President office for his final approval and signature.
  14. The requestor will receive a copy of the form with the TT# from the President’s Office.
  15. The written Conference Report and Reimbursement Forms with all original receipts must be completed and submitted to the President’s Office within ten (10) working days after the end of the conference or workshop.  There will be no reimbursement for expenses without this package. (NOTE: Do not submit completion forms to the PGC)
  • Complete Travel Expense Form.
  • Attach all ORIGINAL receipts to Expense Form
  • Make yourself a copy – the President’s Office does not keep copies.
  • Submit all form to the President’s Office within ten (10) working days from end of conference.
  • Forms are then forwarded to Accounts Payable at the District Office.
  • The Business Office will notify you when your reimbursement check is ready for pick up.

A written notice will be emailed to you approximately 10 days after the end date of your event as noted on your conference request form.  Five (5) days following this notification the funds for the specific conference will be unencumbered and will no longer be available to you for reimbursement.​​​