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Mission Statement

The mission of the Los Angeles Trade Technical College’s Professional Growth Committee (PGC) is to support the professional growth activities of  LATTC faculty thru the flexible calendar program as related to the institution’s strategic goals.


The committee’s purpose is to oversee the distribution process for monies provided for Professional Growth.  The fund is intended to provide opportunities for our faculty and staff to improve their  knowledge and skills and, ultimately, improve teaching, student learning and student success.

PGC Policies for 2​017/2018

  • Funds will be split evenly between the Fall 2017 and the Spring 2018 semesters.  Once the fall allotment has been exhausted no further funding requests will be accepted until the spring semester.  
  • 10,000 dollars of the initial allotment will be transferred to the tuition line item.  
  • No more than 3 funded applications per individual event.
  • Travel reimbursements have an annual limit of $1,500 dollar for full-time faculty and $750 dollars for adjunct faculty.
  • Tuition Reimbursements: The reimbursement rate is at 50% of tuition with an annual limit of $3,000.00 dollar for full-time faculty and $1500 dollars for adjunct faculty.
  • Limitation on funding (AFT PGC funding will not be approved for travel associated with events that are focused on organizational business.  Such as: Academic Senate Plenary, CTF/CFT/AFT Convention etc.  (Events with activities such as; officer elections, voting on resolutions, and where other similar business is being conducted.)


Note:  When funds have been exhausted for a specific semester term no further funding for travel or tuition completed during that same period will be available; funds from the following period cannot be used.   Keep this in mind as you make your travel or tuition decisions for academic year 2015/17.

You can check the “Summary” of funding tab to the left to see how the funding is being allocated. (Prior years also available on the website).

Travel / tuition request approvals are and always have been contingent upon available funding.  Committee approval alone does not guarantee the actual funding of your travel / tuition requests. 

Other sources of Funds:

  • LATTC also has a small Staff Development Fund that is allocated by the campus Staff Development Committee.
  • Perkins CTE Funding.
  • Various SFP program/grants/contracts.


Contact the appropriate committee or program administrator for information on these funds and the possibility of getting additional funding.

A Strict adherence to the proper form use and submission deadlines will asset you in getting thru the process with the least amount of effort.  The committee will be adhering to the policies and procedures as outlined on this site.​

Committee Membership

Aca​​​demi​​c year 2015/2016 

Com​​​mittee Chair:

William Elarton-AFT Faculty


Wally Hanley-Senate Faculty

Martin Diaz-Senate Faculty

Joseph Guerrieri -Administration