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​​​​​​ By-Laws

Approved 1-5-2012




Section 1:The name of this organization is the Los Angeles Trade Technical College Chairs’ Council.
Section 2:  The purposes of the Los Angeles Trade Technical College Chairs’ Council are to:

  1. Provide an organizational structure that will allow Chairs to share their knowledge, perspectives, and institutional concerns;
  2. Provide a formal structure for shared decision-making by Chairs
Section 3:       The functions of the Chairs’ Council are to:

  1. Serve as a consultative and advisory group to the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, and the colleges Academic Senate;
  2. Provide consistency in the application of College policies;
  3. Assist in communication between Divisions and between administrators and faculty;
  4. Make recommendations on issues affecting the college departments
Section 1:The membership comprises all Department Chairs of the College.  In the event a Chair is unable to attend a Chairs’ Council meeting, he or she may send a non-voting representative to the Council.
Section 2:The Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs & Workforce Development, the Vice President of Administration, and the Academic Deans will serve as a committee resource and may attend when requested.
Section 1:The Chairs’ Council shall elect every two years a Chair. The Chair Elect shall become the Chair the following year.
Section 2:The officers’ duties include, but are not limited to, the following:Chair/Chair Elect

  1. Presides at Chairs’ Council meetings;
  2. Determines, with other members, the Council agenda;
  3. Makes arrangements for and sends out notices of all Chairs’ Council meetings;
  4. Serves as liaison with the college administration;
  5. Coordinates meetings with the College President and/or the VPs of Academic Affairs & Workforce Development  prior to the bi-monthly Chairs’ Council meetings;
  6. Facilitates election/appointment of designate Chair representation on College Council, Planning & Budget, Instructional & Student Success, Accreditation Steering, and the Program Review Committees.
  7. In the absence of or at the request of the Chair, the Chair Elect will presides over meetings and act as the liaison to the college administration.

Immediate Past Chair

  1. Acts in an advisory capacity
Section 1:The term of the Chair of Chairs’ shall start with the beginning of the fall semester and shall continue for two calendar years.
Section 2:The Chairs’ council shall have at least two meetings each semester. The Council may be convened at the request of the Chair of Chairs’, or three or more members of the Council.
Section 3:At each regularly-scheduled Chairs Council meeting, the date and time for the next regularly-scheduled meeting shall be announced and included in the minutes of that meeting. For any specially-called meeting of the Chairs’ Council, the Chair shall provide at least twenty-four hours notice of the meeting.
Section 4:A simple majority of the Chairs’ Council will constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting.
Section 5:A simple majority of those present and voting shall be necessary to approve recommendations or other matters considered by the Chairs’ Council.
Section 6:No secret ballots shall be taken in the Chairs’ Council, except for the election of Chairs’ Council Chair.
Section 7:Recommendations of the Chairs’ Council shall be recorded in the minutes and filed in the archives.
Section 8:Meetings will be conducted according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, except where in contradiction with the rules established by these Bylaws.
 The Chair of the Chairs’ Council may appoint special committees as needed.
Section 1:By Apr 15, the Chairs’ Council shall appoint from its own members an Election Committee.
Section 2:By May 15, the Election Committee shall solicit nominations (members may nominate themselves or another Chair) of any Chair willing to stand for election for the positions of Chair.
Section 3:By June 15, the Election Committee shall provide each Chair an election ballot listing those faculty members who have indicated their willingness to stand for election. Each Chair may vote for no more than one person.
Section 4:Election ballots shall be returned to the Election Committee and shall be opened and tabulated in the presence of the Election Committee.
Section 5:That Chair who receives a majority vote shall be considered elected.
Section 6:Run-Off Election: In the event of no clear majority vote, a run-off election shall be held between the top two getters.
Section 7:Should a vacancy occur in an office for reasons other than the expiration of a term, a special election committee will be appointed subject to the provisions and procedures in Article VI, Sections 1-7. A special election shall be held as soon as possible after a vacancy occurs.
Section 1:Any Chairs’ Council member may submit to the Council a proposal for a change in the Bylaws; the proposal will appear as an agenda item at the next regular or called Council meeting.
Section 2:After the proposal has been read and discussed, the members present at the meeting may vote on it. Ratification shall require a majority vote with at least one-half of the Council members voting.
Section 3:If the proposal passes, the Secretary will incorporate into the Bylaws any changes thus passed.

Approved 1-5-2012​