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Viability Strategy (doc)

Fall 2009 Viability

​​The Program Viability Study currently includes six areas of concentration, as follows:

Spring 2010 Viability


Quick Q&A

What will you do? Review subject specific data related to the discipline; Develop a plan of action to review the discipline viability; Survey the discipline faculty and students; conduct an open forum for campus wide input and write a report summarizing your findings, recommendations and rational. The attached document outlines the LACCD Board of Trustees rule for PV as it relates to program review, and the approved LATTC Program Viability Review Process is on the college website under the Academic Senate section.​​

How Long will it take? Our current policy allows 60 days for the entire process.

How many meetings? Your sub-committee will determine the schedule.​​

Who is the sub-committee chair? The members of the sub-committee selects a chair for the PV process. The department chair may not serve as the PV sub-committee chair, but is a resource to the sub-committee.

What happens with our recommendations? They are forwarded to the College President for consultation and consideration. In the event a recommendation of program discontinuance is rendered, the College President and the Academic Senate President or their designees must present their recommendation to the LACCD BOT.