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​​Current Offerings Available for Business:FALL 10

1) Introduction to Business (3) UC: CSU
Lecture: 3 hours
Special emphasis is placed on the meaning and purpose of business in our society, the historical development of business, the general economic setting for business today, and the following business areas: forms of business organization, manufacturing, marketing, human relations, financing, accounting, budgeting, reports, government-based relations, and the social responsibilities of people in business.

5) Business Law I (3) UC: CSU
Lecture: 3 hours
This is an introductory course in civil law. Emphasis is placed upon the study of contracts, agency, negotiable instruments, personal property, sales, forms of business organization, partnership, corporations, security transactions, business torts, current ownership of land and goods and real property. Attention is also given to logical reasoning and the application of rules of law to everyday affairs in business. (Same as Law 1)

6) Business Law II (3) UC: CSU
Lecture: 3 hours
Bailment; principles of agency, including rights and liabilities of agent, principal, and third parties; formation of partnerships, the powers and liabilities of partners before and after dissolution of the partnership; the formation and management of California corporations, the rights and liabilities of stockholders, and dissolution of corporations; legal aspects of negotiable instruments and securities, including stocks, bonds, notes, commercial paper, and checks. (Same as Law 2)

12) Customer Service Principles (3)
Lecture: 3 hours
Instruction will focus on those skills the customer service student needs to be well prepared for a work environment characterized by demanding customers, changing economic conditions, constant change, and a new level of competitiveness. This interpersonal skills approach places greater emphasis on the application of knowledge through practice, followed by feedback and reinforcement. The skills, strategies, and techniques used in this class are directed toward identifying customer needs and the satisfaction of those needs.

13) Customer Service Issues (3)
Lecture: 3 hours
Course covers customer service issues such as decision-making, problem solving, handling conflict, teamwork, managing change, attitude and self-esteem in the customer service workplace.

14) Oral Communications for Customer Service Personnel (3)
Lecture: 3 hours
Instruction will focus on the key issues of creating positive and productive customer service communications, identifying customer needs and problems and finding viable solutions.

18) Business Computer Lab (1)
Recommended Preparation: Any Business course; Lab: 3 hours
A lab class which provides additional computer availability for students to complete their class assignments.

22) The Business of E-Commerce (3)
Lecture: 3 hours
This comprehensive course emphasizes emerging online technologies and future trends with respect to e-commerce. In addition to the early development of e-commerce, strategies for e-commerce success, e-marketing, online payment methods, spamming, phishing, identity theft, and other e-commerce components will be explored.
Business Communications (3) CSU
Lecture: 2 hours; Lab: 2 hours
This is a course designed to achieve the following: effective written communication in English for the transaction of business; development of letter writing principles and techniques; enrichment of general vocabulary. Practical experience is given in writing the basic types of letters used in business: order, complaint, adjustment, sales collection, and application. (Same as CAOT 32.)
Technical Report Writing (3) CSU
Lecture: 3 hours
The written report as used in business, industry, and the technical profession is studied. Practice is given in organizing and presenting factual material with clarity, definiteness, and conciseness. The content of the course will be adapted to the business and professional needs of the student. (Same as English 129.)

Lecture: 2 hours
This course is designed to prepare students for employment as an entry-level law office clerk. It emphasizes law office office procedures, preparation and maintenance of case calendars, and the preparation and maintenance of case files. Students will learn how to document phone calls, keep accurate correspondence files, organize case files, and perform other clerical duties relevant to a law office.

Lecture: 2 hours
This course is designed to provide Spanish legal terminology for legal professionals, paraprofessionals, and law office support staff whose offices serve Spanish-speaking clients. Both civil and criminal legal terminology will be covered in this course. This course is suitable for both fluent and non-fluent speakers of Spanish.

37) Business Computations Lab (1)
Lab: 2 hours
A lab class which provides opportunity for students enrolled in Business Computations to solve problems directly related to business applications.

38) Business Computations (3) CSU
Lecture: 3 hours
The principles of mathematics are reviewed and applied to typical accounting, financial, and general business problems, including the following: Bank services including checking account and credit card account activity, payroll calculations, cash and trade discounts, merchandise mark-up and inventory valuation, simple and compound interest, annuities, stock and bond transactions, business and consumer loans, taxes and insurance, depreciation, financial statements and ratios, and business statistics.

40) Business Project Management (3) CSU
Lecture: 2 hours; Lab: 2 hours
Students will study all phases of project management and learn the tools for bringing in projects on time and within budget. Specific topics will include project life cycles, setting objectives, identifying activities and resources, work breakdown structure, workflow, network analysis, contingency planning, scheduling, budgeting, work-in-progress and reporting. Special emphasis will be placed on MS Project.