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Fall 2017 Nominees

Academic Rank Com​​​mittee

Karl L. Gary​Karl_Gary_AcademicRank_CandidateStatement.docx
Linda E. Cole​Linda_Cole_AcademicRank_CandidateStatement.docx
Paulette Bailey​
Virgil Shields​Virgil_Shields_CandidateStatement.docx

​​District Academic Senate (DA​S) ​

​​Angelica Hermosillo​
Ashraf Hosseini​​
Cindy A. Cruz​
Cynthia C. Dominguez​
Deirdre McDermott​Statement of Candidacy--Deirdre Wood McDermott-- DAS 2017.doc.docx
​Derek Majors
​Jolene M. Martin​
Manuel Acosta​Manuel Acosta_DAS_CandidateStatement.docx
Virgil Shields​Virgil_Shields_CandidateStatement.docx


Master Calender Feed​​​​

Retrieving Data
Approved Minutes
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