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Common Questions and Answers

Interpreting for what could be FLEX

Appendix Q Worksheet FDC.docx 

I need money to travel to or attend a conference or workshop or to help me with my tuition.  Where do I go?

Professional Growth Committee, not the Faculty & Staff Development Committee, is the entity that you need if you want funds for a conference or workshop, reimbursement for funds spent at a conference or workshop, or tuition reimbursement.

What are professional development obligation (flex) hours?

Flex hours are paid hours for “in lieu of classroom” instruction.  State regulations required documented “in lieu hours” were spent to promote professional and/or personal growth which lead to instructional improvement.

How many hours are required for the fiscal year (July 1- June 30th)?

    • Full time faculty:  33.5 hours
    • Adjunct faculty:   ½ of the total hours taught per week for the fiscal year (spring and fall semesters only).  Example:  2 hours in summer, 2 hours in fall, 2 hours in winter and 2 hours in spring totals 8 hours; but only 4 are during spring and fall, so 2 hours of flex must be reported.

How many hours must be completed if a full time faculty has an hourly assignment?

33.5 hours plus ½ of the total hours taught per week for the fiscal year.  Example:  33.5 hours for full time assignment; hourly assignment   is 6 hours in fall.  33.5 hours plus ½ of hourly assignment = 3 hours for a total of 36.5 hours must be reported.

How many professional development obligation hours are required if a full-time instructor has release time?

Full time faculty need to fulfill professional development obligation hours only the % of time that they have an assignment in the classroom, if any.  Example:  0.50 release time requires half of 33.5 hours or 16.75   hours.

What are Professional Development (flex) days?

As allowed by Title V, Professional Development (flex) Days are days set aside in the College calendar for professional development rather than for meeting with classes.  Example:  Academic Senate Convocation mandatory for full-time faculty, and adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend.

When is the annual faculty staff development day (“Convocation”):

The date of the fall mandatory flex day should be one of the last two weekdays (Thursday or Friday) of the week before the start of the fall semester. The colleges will notify faculty of the selected date by September 30 of the preceding year.

When can I earn professional development obligation credit?

You may earn professional development obligation credit during any non-duty hours (hours you are not scheduled to be in class or in your office) throughout the fiscal year (July 1- June 30th).

What kinds of activities do fulfill professional development obligation requirements?

Please see LATTC Faculty Professional Development Academic Senate Standards and Policies for guidance.

What kinds of activities do not fulfill professional development obligation requirements?

    • Activities not related to the instructor’s field: activities such as general movie-going, shopping for the department, and attending general children’s activities
    • Any professional activity for which you are being paid
    • Faculty & Staff Development activities during hours that you are scheduled to teach and /or hold scheduled office hours
    • Attendance at union meetings
    • The preparation required to teach or perform the services on a day-today-basis such as grading of student papers, preparing class lectures, attending regularly scheduled department or division meetings are a part of individual’s professional obligations and, consequently, do not meet the purpose of the flexible calendar program

What kinds of documentation are needed to support each activity?

Agendas, program information, certificates, copy of attendance sheet, letter from Chair, etc.

What will happen if I do not report my professional development obligation hours?

Your pay may be adjusted/reduced by the Office of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development.

How will I be held accountable for my professional development responsibilities?

Professional development activities are part of the basic and comprehensive evaluation process for all faculty.

When are professional development obligation (flex) forms due?

Forms with documentation on professional development activity are due from faculty the day after the last professional development day of the spring.