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Distance and Distributed Learning Committee Website

The Los Angeles Trade Technical College Distance Learning Committee (DL) is an AFT committee created by Article 40 of the AFT contract.

Distance Learning (DL) Committee Charge:

  1. Communicate and advise the college on its decision making regarding distance learning (DL) issues including DL technologies to deliver instruction and to support regular and substantive interaction between students and instructors.
  2. Determine proficiency in a CMS (Course Management System).
  3. Serve as a resource to the college through its corresponding committees on distance learning issues.

Reports to:  Education Policies Committee

The majority of the voting members shall be faculty.  The Chair of the Committee shall be a Distance Learning (DL) approved faculty member. If the DL Coordinator is a faculty member he/she shall serve as the DL Committee Chair.  Otherwise, the Committee will elect a DL faculty committee member to serve as chair.

Membership:  Three Academic Senate, Three AFT Faculty, VP AA/WED or designee, IT Manager (non-voting), Distance Learning Coordinator

MembershipMembers 2016-17
​Senate Faculty (DL approved)​Anna Bakman / Tayebeh Meftagh
​Senate Faculty (DL approved)​Gabriel Cioffi
​Senate Faculty (DL approved)​Lisa Moreno
​AFT (DL approved)​Bethany Bird
​AFT (DL approved)​William Elarton
​AFT (DL approved)​Angela Gee
​VP Academic Affairs or Designee​Leticia Barajas
​Information Technology Manager or Designee (non-voting)​Sang Baik
​Distance Education Coordinator​Linda Delzeit

Alternates:  Not allowed.  Faculty are encouraged to attend as this is an open meeting but only appointed committee members can vote on items.

Quorum:  Majority of voting members.

Note: The composition of this committee aligns with Article 40 of AFT Agreement.

Agreed on January 23, 2013 (Date of discussion at DL Committee)


 Policies and Procedures​​​​

DE Instructors​​



Non-Certificated Employees with Moodle Expertise


Meeting Schedule

The DL Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month 3:00-4:30pm.


Online Program SLO

​​​As a result of participating in the online program, the students will be able to analyze and process information online using various online technological tools and management skills to complete their educational goals.