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Policies and Procedures

Policy Adopted


Additional Information

Curriculum Process & Procedures

Curriculum Committee B-Laws.pdf

TTCC (3.26.13)

AS (4.9.13)

Dictates the purpose and role of the Trade Tech Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate regarding all things Curriculum
Program Approval Process. All proposed programs must be approved by Curriculum Committee before the program is submitted by the local Consortium.TTCC (11.26.13)         AS (12.10.13)
Approval of Prerequisites, Corequisites and Advisories on Recommended Preparation.pdf

TTCC (1.27.15)

DAS (5.14.15)

SLO & Course Outlines. The minimum standards for SLO be adopted and used to evaluate SLOs for COR, with Phase II and III effective May 1, 2014.


TTCC           (11.26.13)           AS (12.10.13)SLO Minimum Requirements (11.26.13).pdf

Distance Education (Online)

Distance Education/Hybrid Courses, Policy 1

Update Online and Hybrid Curriculum Policy

Initiation of a policy by which a course is removed from the distance education approved list of courses. Process will include:

a. The course has not been offered in the distance education modality for three years.

b. The course outline was updated in terms of units, hours or SLO change and the DE addend​​um was not updated or attached to the outline.

c. The Distance Education Addendum is not attached in ECD or is incomplete.

TTCC (11.25.14)

AS (12.2.2014)

Students’ Rights

Student Catalog Rights. Recommendation to allow students to use any catalogue year during their tenure at LATTC.

a. Would allow student to apply for other degrees/certificates outside their traditional catalogue rights.

TTCC (4.28.15)

AS (5.5.15)

Allow students to choose the catalog year which is most beneficial to them, permitted they maintain continuous enrollment per Catalog Rights definition.

New SIS System (PeopleSoft)

PeopleSoft & Programs, Policy #1. Recommendation to suppress inactive programs at District and in PeopleSoft. See - PeopleSoft-Program-Suppressed-List.pdf

a. If not made inactive, students will continue to be able to enroll in these programs.

b. There are numerous programs which have not been taught in years.

TTCC (4.28.15)

AS (5.5.15)