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Forms and Guides:

The forms and guides below are to be used for new programs, certificates, degrees or program changes.  The forms for course changes are available on ECD and will be changed on the system when new forms are available. The new course and course change process sheets are also available on this page.​

9.02 Appendix A Curriculum Approval Process Rev4_2_16ASCCC.doc9.02 Appendix A Curriculum Approval Process Rev4_2_16ASCCC
Advanced Course Status Listing.pdfAdvanced Course Status Listing
CCCCO and Stand Alone Courses.pdfCCCCO and Stand Alone Courses
Course Change Process.pdfCourse Change Process
Course Change Request Form – November 2015.docCourse Change Request Form – November 2015
Course Reinstate Form – July 2015.docCourse Reinstate Form – July 2015
Curriculum Calendar 2015-2016.pdfCurriculum Calendar 2015-2016
Distance Education (DE) Approved Course Listing.pdfDistance Education (DE) Approved Course Listing
Hours and Units Calculations for Credit Courses Instructions.pdfHours and Units Calculations for Credit Courses Instructions
LATTC Curriculum Guidebook.pdfLATTC Curriculum Guidebook
LATTC Honors Addendum.docLATTC Honors Addendum
New Course Process.pdfNew Course Process
New Credit Program Documentation Form-AA, AS only.docNew Credit Program Documentation Form-AA, AS only
New Credit Program Documentation Form-Certificate only.docNew Credit Program Documentation Form-Certificate only
Noncredit Course Request Form – November 2015.docNoncredit Course Request Form – November 2015
Nonsubstantive Change Documentation Form.docNonsubstantive Change Documentation Form
Substantial Change Credit Program Documentation Guide.pdfSubstantial Change Credit Program Documentation Guide
2017-2018 Curriculum Tracking.xlsx2017-2018 Curriculum Tracking
2016-2017 Curriculum Tracking.xlsx2016-2017 Curriculum Tracking
2015-2016 Curriculum Tracking.xlsx2015-2016 Curriculum Tracking
2014-2015 Curriculum Tracking.xlsx2014-2015 Curriculum Tracking
2013-2014 Curriculum Tracking.xlsx2013-2014 Curriculum Tracking

To Create New Course Outlines: The District’s Electronic Curriculum Development (ECD) System is now available (Follow the prompts to create a username and password).


Credit Course Repetition Guidelines.pdfCredit Course Repetition Guidelines
LAOCRC Program Approval Application Instructions (9.14.15).pdfLAOCRC Program Approval Application Instructions (9.14.15)
New Credit Program Labor Data sites.docNew Credit Program Labor Data sites
Prerequisite Guidelines.pdfPrerequisite Guidelines
Program and Course Approval Handbook.pdfProgram and Course Approval Handbook
SLO Minimum Standards-2013.docSLO Minimum Standards-2013
TOP Manual July 2013.pdfTOP Manual July 2013
​​Los Angeles Community College District Curriculum​
LATTC Curriculum Corner
California Community College Chancellor’s Office​
C - ID
ASSIST (Articulation Web Site)​
collapse Subject : ACAD PR ‎(5)
ACAD PREP 001 COR 2017.pdfACAD PREP 001 COR 2017
ACAD PREP 002 COR 2017.pdfACAD PREP 002 COR 2017
ACAD PREP 003 COR 2017.pdfACAD PREP 003 COR 2017
ACAD PREP 004 COR 2017.pdfACAD PREP 004 COR 2017
ACAD PREP 005 COR 2017.pdfACAD PREP 005 COR 2017
collapse Subject : Basic Skills ‎(19)
BSCSKL 066CE COR 2016.pdfBSCSKL 066CE COR 2016
BSCSKL-074CE COR - 2015.pdfBSCSKL-074CE COR - 2015
BSICSKL 042CE - COR 2017.pdfBSICSKL 042CE - COR 2017
BSICSKL 043CE - COR 2017.pdfBSICSKL 043CE - COR 2017
BSICSKL 046CE - COR 2017.pdfBSICSKL 046CE - COR 2017
BSICSKL 065CE COR 2016.pdfBSICSKL 065CE COR 2016
BSICSKL_ 060CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_ 060CE - 2017
BSICSKL_035CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_035CE - 2017
BSICSKL_036CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_036CE - 2017
BSICSKL_041CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_041CE - 2017
BSICSKL_045CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_045CE - 2017
BSICSKL_055CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_055CE - 2017
BSICSKL_073CE COR 2017.pdfBSICSKL_073CE COR 2017
BSICSKL_075CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_075CE - 2017
BSICSKL_077CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_077CE - 2017
BSICSKL_078CE - 2017.pdfBSICSKL_078CE - 2017
collapse Subject : ESL Civics ‎(1)
ESLCVCS 010CE - COR 2017.pdfESLCVCS 010CE - COR 2017
collapse Subject : ESL NC ‎(6)
ESL NC 005CE - COR 2014.PDFESL NC 005CE - COR 2014
ESL NC 010CE 2014.pdfESL NC 010CE 2014
ESLNC 001CE 2014.pdfESLNC 001CE 2014
ESLNC 008CE - COR 2017.pdfESLNC 008CE - COR 2017
ESL-NC-006CE- 2014.pdfESL-NC-006CE- 2014
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