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Senate Committees

LATTC Committee Self Eval Form 2009-2010


Committees 2014-2015​

*As of Summer 2014 and subject to change per Academic Senate. 

​​CommitteeCommittee Charge/DescriptionFrequency of Meetings
Academic Rank Committee The committee considers faculty applications for advancement in professional rank.Minimum once per semester
Faculty and Staff Development Committee The Faculty & Staff Development Committee develops activities and programs to enhance professional development and institutional effectiveness practices and promotes institutional engagement by all employee groupsOnce/Month
Program Review  The Program Review Committee shall oversee implementation of program review processes at LATTC. Once/month
SLO CommitteeAligned with Program Review, Student Learning Outcome Committee is responsible for coordinating and directing the design and implementation of student learning outcomes, the assessment of outcomes, and analysis of that data. This committee will align its work with Program Review Committee.Once/​Month


Committees with Departmental Representation – Elected at Departmental Meeting on 8/28


​​CommitteeCommittee Charge/DescriptionFrequency of Meetings
Academic Senate CouncilThe Academic Senate Council conducts the work of the Academic Senate.  The Council hears and discusses updates from all campus areas, including reports from each of the Senate committees, and votes on policies and procedures affecting academic and professional areasMinimum once per semester
Curriculum Committee Reviews course curriculum and updates, archives and de-archives courses.  Recommends policies concerning curriculum, general education, and standards.​​​Once/Month
Educational Policies CommitteeThe Program Review Committee shall oversee implementation of program review processes at LATTC. Once/month

Committee Membership based on Election or Special Nomination

​​CommitteeCommittee Charge/DescriptionFrequency of Meetings
Faculty Hiring Prioritization Committee​​Reviews and ranks departmental applications for faculty hiring positions.Elected by Area (CTE/Academic/Non-Classroom)As convened by Academic Senate President
Program Viability CommitteeServe on Program Viability for assigned program following approved process for LATTC.​​As convened by Academic Senate President
Senate Elections CommitteeThe Elections Committee plans, conducts, and reports on elections to Senate positions.When Elections are Held
Senate Nominations CommitteeThe Nominations Committee plans, conducts, and reports on nominations to Senate positions.​​When Nominations are Held


Other College Committees with Faculty Representation

​​CommitteeCommittee Charge/DescriptionFrequency of Meetings
College CouncilDevelops and recommends general policies and philosophy relating to the College; to advise, counsel, and make recommendations to the President on all major issues pertaining to the planning, staffing, budget, resource allocations, operations and mission of the college; to set goals and objectives for the college; and to develop guidelines that clarify the role and responsibilities of its members.Once/Month
Student Success*Student Success Committee is charged with identifying best processes and recommending policies that enhance students’ ability to be successful. This includes outreach, recruitment and comprehensive assessment leading to enrollment, retention, persistence and completion.Once/Month
Work EnvironmentEnsures the college provides conditions for a safe, healthful, and sanitary work environment conducive to effective teaching and learning. The committee is also committed to ensuring a safe, healthful, and sanitary work environment conducive to the effective performance of the administrative functions necessary to support the College’s educational activities.Once/Month
Accreditation Steering CommitteeThe Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) oversees and manages all accreditation and ACCJC-related matters including internal and external reporting on current accreditation status.Once/Month

Tenure Track Senate RepresentativeServe as Academic Senate designee on Tenure Track evaluations pursuant to Article 42 of the AFT Agreement.As developed in Tenure track plan
Distance LearningCommunicate with and advise the college on its decision making regarding distance learning issues.Minimum of once per semester – as needed.
Planning and Budget CommitteeCommittee coordinates and recommends institutional planning processes including strategic and master planning; coordinating college budget activities; developing and managing a comprehensive, integrated, and continuous planning and budgeting process; and oversight of program review.Once a month
Grievance CommitteeServe on Student Grievance Committee following LACCD regulations (E-55)As needed