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Recommend a Student for a Scholarship

Scholarship Applications – Recommendations Site
  • Login using your LATTC Network account - same for Wifi and PC Workstations on campus (Help with Login)
  • NOTE: This is different from your email address using Office 365 from the District


  1. A student will request you provide him/her a recommendation for a scholarship. You may see a form like this (form not required):

  2. Use the link above to enter the Scholarship References library 
    1. Login using your Outlook username (email address without the and password
  3. Click the “Add Document” below the list

  4. Enter the Student ID and provide a Rating (your ID will auto-full in the Instructor field) and click Save

  5. Submit additional recommendations by repeating steps 3 & 4.


  • You will only see your own entries in this list.